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VRCS, LLC is a progressive practice comprised of dedicated veterinarians who specialize in feedlot production medicine and research. Founded in 1984 the practice has a collective knowledge and experience base totaling more than 175 years.

Clinical practice, regulatory, research, academia, pathology/diagnostics, animal welfare and behavior are but a few of the areas of expertise among the group. VRCS, LLC currently develops, implements and monitors animal health programs for cattle in California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington. Our mission is to provide integrated evidence-based medicine, technology, animal husbandry, and management practices to our clients to optimize health, production and animal welfare, and to promote production of safe, wholesome beef in a responsible manner.

  • Quality assurance/food safety programs
  • Animal welfare
  • Evidenced -based processing programs
  • Evidenced -based processing programs
  • Evidenced -based therapy programs
  • Optimal performance
  • Team effort with nutritionists
  • Trial research
  • Benchmarking