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Veterinary Research & Consulting Services, LLC

Our mission is to provide integrated evidence-based medicine, technology, animal husbandry, and management practices to our clients to optimize health. Production, animal welfare, and of safe, wholesome beef in a responsible manner.

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Our Standards

Our practice prides itself in establishing animal health protocols based on sound scientific research.

VRCS, LLC does not sell or distribute pharmaceutical products, nor does it accept or retain company rebates, thus our recommendations are not influenced by fluxes in product inventory or marketing programs.


We strive to work closely with feedlot crews in both training and motivation to achieve our clients' goals. We are a service-oriented company with active veterinary licenses maintained in all states where we consult.

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Reliable Research

VRCS, LLC conducts both field trials and pharmaceutical sponsored studies.


Field trials are conducted at our clients' operations to address questions primarily involving management practices or animal health protocols. The primary advantage of implementing trials on-site is that we are able to evaluate, for example, new products for which we have no company data using different classes of cattle and in various geographical locations.


Pharmaceutical sponsored research studies are primarily conducted on animal health products (antimicrobials, biologicals, parasiticides, and immunomodulators). Types of studies include:

  • Discovery & Development
  • Pivotal
  • Marketing
  • Pharmacokinetics (In-life phase)
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